Room Sliders

There are 2 templates for the room listing items, Horizontal and Vertical but you can easily create more in your child theme! All elements can be switched on or off, such us the subtitles, price etc.

[plethora_slider_room items_template=”slider-room-classic-vertical” ref_id=”58a1aa1b5b725″ autoplayhoverpause=”false” dots=”true” nav=”false” rtl=”false” margin=”15″ responsive_md=”2″ responsive_lg=”2″]

You can also choose color-sets and the responsive behavior of the sliders including whether you want one or more items per slide!

[plethora_slider_room items_template=”slider-room-classic-default” ref_id=”58a1aa1454″ autoplayhoverpause=”false” dots=”true” nav=”false” rtl=”false”]